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Lena Floorball and NaturFloorball Camp Presents to Rishabh Kapoor

Rishabh Kapoor is a boy from Avantika, Rohini (New Delhi – INDIA). He is our friend in our NaturFloorball camp Facebook, from one year ago. He is 16 years old, and Floorball is his big passion.

We speak frecuently with Rishabh in our facebook about Floorball, and his dream is improve like a player and one day to play in India National Team. We asked him about his Floorball and his life in Avantika, and he send a interesting report about his life there, and his relation with floorball.

Normal Day I Wake Up In the morning and go to school, Then I come back home and in the afternoon eat lunch and rest for few hours. Then wake up and practice Floorball at home and at 5 o'clock I go to class again and come back at 7 PM, I watch TV for some time and then I eat dinner. After dinner little surfing on net for some time and then go to Bed.

School: I study In Yuva Shakti Model School at Rohini, New Delhi

Yuvashakti Model School is one of the leading schools in Delhi. It was founded more than two decades ago in 1985 by Late Sh. M.L. Sharma and Sh. B.R. Sharma to impart value based education and thus contributes for the betterment of the society.

The aim of the school is to teach the child to enjoy learning. The psychological goal is to create a happy and contented child and the emotional goal is to develop self-esteem and confidence. The school is managed and run on public school lines with a greater emphasis on pre-primary education where the children are taught by the play-way method without carrying the load of school bag and home work. The tiny-tots are engaged in various activities to develop skills and different mental faculties.

Encompassing the entire gamut of skills & theory through immersion, our mission is to meet the academic & affective needs of students by providing opportunities for on-going development.

Family: We are 5 Members in our family Father,Mother,Elder Sister,Grand-Father and Me.

Rishabh and Floorball

I started playing Floorball in our school when our Physical Education Teacher Mr. Ashok Kumar Introduced Floorball to Us. Then I Joined in my School Team and started playing Inter-School Matches Between Different Schools Of Our District. But in my First time in a Tournament we lost the final match and I felt disappointed. From that day I have decided to learn finer skills of Floorball to win the next Tournament.

I Started searching videos on internet about floorball skills and then used to go to school and wait for the sports class to practice Floorball.

When I learned more about Floorball and the Indian players, I come to know that a player well Known for his finer skills and Freestyle used to study in our own school.

Then one day a friend of mine told me that he practice floorball in our school after the school hours, I got so excited to meet him. So the next day I waited for him after the school. He came and I was shocked to see the coach. He was the same guy who I saw in the videos from India!!

I watched him play for 20 minutes and then somehow I put some courage to talk with him and ask him If he could train me the same skills. He Said - "I don't know, I'm already working on my skills, how will I teach you? "

So I Asked Him to just Let Me watch him practice.
He Said - Okay !
Then It became a regular schedule.

I used to wait for him, watch him practice, and then, I come back next morning to school and tried to do it myself.

Then, after ten days, he called me in and asked; do you really wanna learn it?

I Said Yes! Will you?

He Said “Yes, and he answer, I can teach you, but these skills will be not use for you now, first you have to work on your basic skills and learn how to pass and receive the ball and other basic skills which helps in a match to perform better, because I saw you playing yesterday and that's what you should work on first.

I was Shocked that He noticed me and was there to watch me.
But I Had No Stick to play, so he gave me one of his own stick.
Then I started practicing with him..

My Stick: One day He was teaching me and in frustration I throw the stick away. He didn't said a word to me and just packed his stuff and went out of the court. For the next two days he didn't talk with Me.

I was so upset about my act and I said sorry to him.
He said, "It's okay but you can't Play with this stick anymore. Arrange a stick of your own and the day you'll get it, you'll know the value of a stick, specially in a country Like India."
I didn't get the point and asked him that why he is so concerned about that stick. Then he told me about how he made his own stick with a wooden shaft and a blade of Cardboard.
And how he get the sticks he had with him now. And that's why he is so much concerned. I Got so Inspired !! 
After a few days I saw a broken stick in the store room in our sports Room. I Asked to my physical teacher If I could take it, and he said yes. 

Then took it, and I asked to my coach Mrinal Naugain if he could join it for me. He said do it yourself, The more efforts You'll put into it, the more valuable it'll be for You. I went Home, repaired it and next day I was with my coach practicing with my Own Stick.

Years playing: It's Been 2 Years Now. 

Dream Player/Role Model: "Mrinal Naugain" Because he's the best in India and his history Inspires me. 

My Team: My Team is "Floorball Strikers". We are the 20 best players of Delhi and we have Friends in different states of India who are the top players of their state. Our Group is the first group practicing regularly Floorball on every Sunday.

Our Coach: Mrinal Naugain, Age: 20
Captain of National Team Of Delhi
One of the best Player of India

Where Do I Play: I Play For My School Team, and practice with our group - Floorball Strikers. And Play in National Games for our Jr.State Team of New Delhi.

Name and Number On T-Shirt:  Rishabh # 8 #

Rishabh feels admiration for his coach, and we have spoken with Mrinal Naugain and he said:

 "Rishabh is a very special player for him too. “He's a Good Boy and quite funny too with a good Sense of Humor. One of the most promising player from my Team. He's too dedicated and focused when it comes to floorball. Although He Approached me First to train him But I Didn't decided to train him He asked me so I Train him because I saw something in him, a urge to win, to learn and to be something. He's One of first student of our team. Just say it once and he'll get it done no matter what it takes. He has the ability to learn and decide quickly. And He never-ever forget what I say..Just have to Say it Once.

¡¡One Day He'll be the Part of our National Team!!"

From Lena Floorball we will send a New stick for Rishabh, and some materials to Floorball Strikers and we try to help him to get his dream, to play with India National Team!!. Then we will be there to see it!!

Good luck Rishabh!!

Finally Rishabh recieved the stick and more gifts. All the players of Lena Floorball helped to send the Material to Delhi. Here the pictures of Rishabh.

Now, his team, Floorball Strickers are looking sponsors to send to Rishabh to our camp, in June. They are speaking with Indian Federation and some private Sponsor. We are a small club and we can to invite him free to our camp, but at this moment is not possible for us to pay him the Fly. Delhi - Madrid, in that are working Floorball Strickers, Good Luck!!  Imposible is Nothing!!

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Janne Kainulainen, Estará en NaturFloorball 2013

Janne Kanulainen, defensa de Happee, ha confirmado su asistencia a NaturFloorball 2013.  Janne estudia Ciencias de la Actividad Física y el Deporte en la Universidad de Jyväskylä, labor que compagina con la de jugador de Happee. Además tiene un papel activo en el club, desarrollando diversas funciones en la organización y entrenamiento de las categorías inferiores.